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~ Kings Court – 230 King Street East, Toronto ~

As Residents of Kings Court, please take note of the following updates and reminders:


With the warmer weather, most of us enjoy opening the windows and patio/balcony doors, sitting outside and taking in the beautiful weather. Please be considerate of your neighbours by moderating the sounds from TVs, stereos and your conversation.

When using any type of hanger for floral arrangements, please remember to suspend the hanger within the boundaries of the balcony, and not overhanging or on the edge of the balcony; this will avoid the possibility of it falling onto street level and injuring a passerby, for which the Condominium Corporation may be held responsible. Also, hooks, hangers and other seasonal decorations should not be affixed to the patio/balcony walls, as this may damage the exterior finish. Kindly ensure that trays are placed underneath each plant to prevent any overflow from dripping down onto other balconies during watering.

Further, while the use of seasonal furniture is permitted, these items should be safely secured in order to prevent them from being blown off the patio/balcony. Also, Balconies/ Patios/ Terraces are considered exclusive use areas and as such they are not to be used for storage or pets allowed to relieve themselves in these areas.

Proper Disposal of Cigarettes

For those who smoke on their patios/balconies/terraces, please be considerate of your neighbours who do not. Please understand that it is a serious fire hazard and universally unacceptable to throw cigarette butts off patios/balconies. Kindly do your part to abide by the Condominium’s Rules to promote a clean, safe and healthy living experience for all Residents.

In the event that you witness this kind of behavior, you are encouraged to report the incident in writing to the management office.


We appreciate that many consider this a time for outdoor functions, including barbequing. However, we wish to remind all Residents that the storage and use of combustible materials (i.e. gas, charcoal and propane barbeques) is not permitted in any suite or exclusive use common element areas. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause; however, please understand that patios/balconies are exclusive use common elements of the Condominium Corporation and the building’s insurance policy requires compliance with the Condominium’s Declaration, which does not permit barbeques.

For your convenience there are three barbecues on the rooftop for the use of Residents on a first come first serve basis. Residents are encouraged to share when necessary and to clean after every use. Please ensure that the gas is turned off when you have finished and finally, as the BBQs are natural gas, please do not put charcoal or wood inside of the BBQs.

No Storage in Parking Spaces

Please be reminded that parking spaces are intended only for motor vehicle parking and any personal items stored thereupon are subject to removal. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in maintaining your parking space(s) in a clean and tightly condition.

Also, as a friendly reminder, we would kindly ask Residents to refrain from washing, repairing or maintaining their vehicles on the premises (i.e. oil changes, etc.).

Safety and Security

As the welfare of all Residents is always a concern, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please practice safety and security at all times:

Ø Please do not allow strangers that are without a fob to enter your building.

Ø Please do not leave any exterior doors propped open, even for the shortest periods of time.

Ø Please ensure your car windows are closed and doors are locked. Do not leave any valuable items visible in your vehicle, especially your garage door opener.

Ø When entering or exiting the underground garage, please allow the garage door to close behind you before proceeding.

Once again, please be on the alert for any suspicious behavior or individuals on the property. If you see anything unusual, then please contact the Security desk at (416) 987-8403, your ongoing cooperation is appreciated and will continue to contribute to the overall safety and security of Kings Court.


Security is a partnership, so please do your part to keep you, your family and your property secure!



Proper Garbage & Recycle Disposal

The proper handling and disposal of garbage and recycling is vital for obvious health and safety reasons. Garbage should always be properly tied in polyethylene or plastic garbage bags, strong enough to prevent them from breaking open in the garbage chute or on your way to the chute room.

Please dispose of all household garbage and recycle down the chute and take larger items downstairs to be placed in the bins in the recycling room. Items should never be left on the garbage room floor or in the hallways. There is no need to sort your recyclables; however, we would ask that Residents take the time to rinse any bottles and cans before placing them in recycling to prevent vermin and odours.


While this is a pet friendly building, we would like to remind all pet owners that allowing your pets to defecate and urinate on common areas interferes with its use and enjoyment. Please be considerate of other Residents and the neighbouring community, who use and enjoy the green space. In consideration of other residents, pets should also be on a leash when on the common elements.

Pet noise (i.e. barking dogs, etc.) can also be disturbing. In consideration of your neighbours, please take whatever steps are necessary to control any such disturbances.


In order to minimize wear and tear to the common area finishes (i.e. carpeting, walls, elevators, etc.), Residents are asked to be careful when carrying bicycles into the building. Please be reminded that bicycles should not be moved through the lobby and elevators.

Further, bicycles should not be stored on patios/balconies/terraces, as only seasonal furniture is permitted. Please note that there are bicycle racks installed on the P1 level of the building, which are available for use by signing the waiting list available at the security desk. This list is updated monthly. Also, kindly note that roller-blades should not be worn and skateboards should not be used while inside the building.

Plumbing Emergencies

Should you become aware of any leaks in any of the common areas, please notify the Concierge/ Security Desk at (416) 987-8403, immediately. In the event of a water leak within your suite, where you are able to trace it back to the source, the first thing that you should do is to shut off the water. If the leak within your suite is coming from a source outside your home, then please contact the Security Desk.

When going away for extended periods of time, please ensure that you shut off the water supply to your kitchen sink and dishwasher (valves located under your kitchen sink), washing machine (valves located in the utility room with the washing machine and dryer) and your bathroom(s) (valves located under your bathroom sink behind the metal swing door access panel).


Please note that the elevators must be reserved when moving in, moving out or when you are expecting large deliveries. A refundable deposit is required when booking the elevator and is returned once the common areas are inspected and there is no damage. Booking forms can be obtained from the Concierge/ Security desk. Also, when moving large items, if it can be done through the rear entrance of the building, this will reduce wear and tear on the front door of the building.


Although you can paint or decorate your suite as you wish, the Board of Directors must first approve any other changes to your suite (i.e. flooring, etc.). Renovation request forms are available on the corporations website at under facilities.

In most cases, approval is conditional with certain requirements such as underlay and when the work can be done. However, every effort will be made to approve your renovation requests, providing that the proposed work will not cause any damage to the common elements and/or other suites.

Junk Mail

Management has been receiving a number of complaints pertaining to junk mail. Residents wishing more information on how to avoid receiving junk mail are asked to visit the following website

Persons Requiring Assistance

As required in our Fire Safety Plan and in order to ensure the safety of all residents during any emergency in the building, we are asking for your cooperation. If you have any person residing in your suite who would require special assistance during evacuation or any emergency, please obtain a form from the security desk, fill out the necessary information and return to the Management Office. All information provided will be kept in strict confidence and used only by authorized personnel in case of an emergency.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will enhance the living enjoyment of all Residents at Kings Court. As always, should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager, Glenn Duerinskx at, or call (416) 987-8407, as your input is welcomed at all times.

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